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What is Christmas all about ? Join me as I unpack A Charlie Brown Christmas and also introduce you to Lemuel Haynes. This is The Steven Thompson Experience.

Bad. Bad. Leroy Brown

What is your energy? Kinetic, Potential, the EPR paradox, Henry Ossian Flipper, and Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown.   Listen to the latest episode of The Steven Thompson Experience.

Linguistic Coaching. Taking Charge, Dr. Fernando Flores. Taking Charge- Join me as I look at the Jimi Hendrix version of Hey Joe and learn about Domain One of Taking Charge!

Fever- When the human's body temperature goes above the normal range of 98.7. Join me as I discuss Boogie Fever, William H. Carney, and the Neurology of Courage. The Steven Thompso...

Kinesiology is the study of movement. Funkytown by the Lipps, Elijah Lovejoy and when should you move? What is your career or lifestyle Kinesiology?

Shoshin, Echonest, Anne Sullivan, Hellen Keller. It's Still Rock and Roll to Me. Why isn't a BA good enough to be an educator?

Langston Hughes, Sojourner Truth, and Beyonce! The Steven Thompson Experience is back!  Freedom!

Hey! I am taking a break to enjoy the Holiday Season with my family. Hope you are having a great time as well. We went out for Dim Sum yesterday for her Birthday, and then to see M...

Closing down for 2018, Exciting shows planned for 2019! Here is one of my favorite episodes from 2018- Ghetto Gospel by Tu Pac. I discuss bias, and ask the question are you a leade...

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