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What do the Cuckoo Bird , Jay Z , Kanye West, and Edward Jenner have in common? Join us for No Church in The Wild! 

Northern Ireland U2 Paradoxes. Alice Coachman Steven has a youtube channel- Listen here! Check out The Rough Draft of The Adventures of Aquafunkapus and his Band of Misfit Heroes! ...

Stand By Me! Ben E. King ! Learn about people who stood by others in difficult times. Steven has a blog! He is publishing his novel weekly here! Check out my You Tube Channel 90 Da...

Where is the middle of Nowhere? Benjamin Lay, James Jerome Hill, and Nowhere Man by the Beatles. Listen to The Steven Thompson Experience.

The power of water and stars. The Music of Sting. Fragile- The story of Ben Linder.

Welcome to 2020! Welcome to the Party! The Steven Thompson Experience is back! Purple Haze! Do you know about the color purple? How about Antonio de Montesinos? Come Experience!

What is Christmas all about ? Join me as I unpack A Charlie Brown Christmas and also introduce you to Lemuel Haynes. This is The Steven Thompson Experience.

Bad. Bad. Leroy Brown

What is your energy? Kinetic, Potential, the EPR paradox, Henry Ossian Flipper, and Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown.   Listen to the latest episode of The Steven Thompson Experience.

Linguistic Coaching. Taking Charge, Dr. Fernando Flores. Taking Charge- Join me as I look at the Jimi Hendrix version of Hey Joe and learn about Domain One of Taking Charge!

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